SQMI Quarterly Newsletter

The “SQMI Quarterly” is a newsletter published and edited by the South East Quality Milk Initiative.  This initiative is a project aimed to improve milk quality of the Southeast States of the US.

This project is accomplished with the cooperation of The University of Tennessee, University of Kentucky, The University of Georgia, Mississippi State University, University of Florida, and Virginia Tech and supported by the Departments of Agriculture of the States of Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Mississippi, and Georgia.  In addition to the collaboration of State Farm Bureaus, Cooperatives, and milk producers and professional associations.

These materials have been kindly provided and made available to RELIM members by SQMI for its use as technical reference and for the knowledge of the milk quality, udder health, and dairy specialists in Latin America. You can download them free. We strongly ask you, however, to give proper credit to both the authors and the SQMI Project when using this material (or its data) as technical reference in any way.

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Latin American Mastitis Research Network